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William and Stacey Weisman


City Gan was an incredibly rewarding experience for our son Jack. There is something intangible about the place which sets it apart from the other options we had considered. While it may sound a bit hokey, for us it felt less like a school and more like part of an extended family. I think this is in part because Morah Rivka is herself a doting mother, and empathizes with what it is like to be a parent and to trust someone else with your young child’s nurturing and well-being. It is not just that, though, as there is also so much substance behind what they do at the school each day. Simply put, the whole team is incredibly dedicated and works tirelessly to ensure that every day is fulfilling and exciting. It is heartwarming to witness. Our son blossomed so much during the year, and it is all a credit to his fabulous Morahs (teachers). Every day I dropped him off knowing he was going to have a blast and would be cared for by people who looked after him like one of their own. We couldn’t have asked for more, and our whole family is grateful for the experience. Thanks for everything!

Ari and Carmela Lerner


We are so happy to be a part of the CityGan community. Ever since our 3 (now 4) year old son began going to preschool there he would come home talking about the great teachers and his classmates. We have seen him grow so much since he started. He sings songs and dances with choreography, knows the special holidays and the stories behind them. He is more social and articulate since he started. He looked forward to each day there and would not want to leave when we would pick him up. Each day he would also bring home some of his arts and crafts projects. The sense of community inclusion extends way past his daily classes. Rivka organizes regular events for families and parents. No one is left out at CityGan. Since Covid began they have done their best to maintain a sense of class learning and community through video conferencing multiple times a day through the semester. They continue to be a part of our lives. We feel very fortunate to have found CityGan.

Vivek and Deepa Tolat


There are so many wonderful things to say about City Gan and it's so much more than a school !! We moved from India and my son Aayansh was only 2.5 years old, and he felt so welcomed right away! City Gan is like one big family. Rivka and all the Morahs (teachers) made my son feel very comfortable. They were so warm as he was also learning to speak and understand english and it was very different for him culturally from India. We as parents also were very comfortable that our child was in safe hands and for Aayansh it felt like home there :) There is a strong sense of community here and everyone makes you feel like family when you walk through the door. We also appreciate the different learning methods they used to teach the kids on different subjects. The teacher to child ratio was always maintained and each child got so much attention that I never had to bother to inquire how my son is doing!! I also love the high parent involvement Rivka encouraged for ex. Parents night out, parent meetings and parents coming to kids class. I highly recommend City gan to anyone who's looking for a place like home for their child from 2-5 years !

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