Our Staff


Rivka Wineberg

Born in Brooklyn, second in a close-knit family of ten, Rivka is a natural teacher & nurturer to children. After spending much of her youth as a day camp counselor & Tot Shabbat Morah, she went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the exclusive Machon Shoshanat in Jerusalem, Israel. She was offered a teaching position in the Early Childhood Education Center of Lexington, Ma. And then Yeshivah Rambam, Brooklyn NY, teaching for six years. Now, a mother to Six delightful children, and director/teacher in her own Hebrew School since 2006, Rivka has gathered a great deal of experience and knowledge in early childhood development.


Rochel Roth

My name is Rochel Roth! I grew up in Denver Colorado. I love children and it’s my passion to teach and help them grow in a productive, happy environment. I’m really excited to be teaching in the Roses class this year!

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Tenzin Dhadon

My name is Tenzin Dhadon. I am Tibetan, and was raised  in India. I am very excited to meet and form relationships with my students and the staff. I love teaching because I truly enjoy being around children and interacting with them. It's incredible how  not only do the children learn in the classroom setting, but how much I learn from them!  A thought of just making a difference in someone’s life, espeically a child, goes far beyond knowledge. Together, we inspire, support, mentor and get the chance to do all that is fascinating.