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Sample Day

We invite you to take a peek at what a day in City Gan Preschool typically looks like! Please bear in mind that schedules may vary a bit depending on the class.​

Painting Class
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Open Centers

The children have a chance to work at the center of their choice. There are always theme related manipulatives, art or sensory bin out. In addition, the block, dramatic play and library centers are open.

During snack one of the Morahs reads a book. There are questions, discussions and critical thinking that accompany either relating to the story or on a tangent. The skills that snack and story time builds include:

• Etiquette and manners
• Social interaction
• Spatial awareness
• Self-help skills
• Critical thinking
• Listening comprehension
• Oobservation

Group Time

At group time we discuss the current theme. songs, stories and props accompany to add an additional dimension of fun. In addition, we sing prayer songs that are well enjoyed by all the children. The skills your child gains through circle time include:

• Patience
• Attention
• Listening
• Taking turns
• Self confidence

Skill and Theme Based Activities 

Divided into small groups the children work on specific skill and theme related activities and art. Some would be graphing our favorite leaves from our nature hunt or leaf rubbings. These activities strengthens your child’s skills in the following areas:
• Focus
• Fine motor
• Creativity

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play allows kids to move freely, make noise and self--express themselves in ways that may not be encouraged inside. Time spent playing outside with peers helps to create social skills that are needed to create healthy friendships. This also leads way to the development of conflict resolution when the need arises. Outdoor play helps your child to develop the following skills:
• Gross motor
• Conflict resolution
• Compromise

Extra Curricular Activities

During the week we welcome specialty instructors for areas like music, art, yoga and music into our school. The instructors come prepared with fun and engaging activities for the children. Each year specialty activities vary depending on the availability of instructors.


We provide healthy snacks and gourmet hot lunches which are prepared by Lou G. Siegel, a Kosher caterer in Greenpoint. Our healthy snacks include fruit, rice cakes, whole wheat crackers, string cheese, yogurt, & apple sauce.  An email with the lunch menu is sent out monthly. 

Relaxing Time

A few minutes for your child to read a book quietly and unwind before afternoon activities begin.

Literacy Based Group Time: We spell our names and discuss the calendar and weather. At this time we also discuss the letter of the week and the theme, which is related to science or social studies.

Literacy Based Activities: Based on the letter of the week and the related theme, your child will be engaged in a literacy- based activity. Examples would be: tracing the letter “K” in ketchup, or making paper maché planets during a theme “P” for Planets.

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