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Girl Drawing

Our curriculum covers Judaic as well as academic topics. The warmth, meanings and practices of Judaism are an integral part of each day. Jewish songs, holidays, and traditions are taught in meaningful and joyous ways inspiring a deep-rooted Jewish connection in each of our students. Our teachers prepare lesson plans that include age appropriate activities that encourage and support children’s language, pre-literacy and pre-math skills in addition to cultural awareness and interest in nature and science. Our goal is to encourage a love for learning that will continue way beyond their education at The Chabad City Gan!


In order to engage your child and make learning exciting, we choose a theme that encompasses the entire classroom. We cover Jewish themes such as Jewish Holidays or Charity as well as secular themes such as Community Helpers or All About Me.


We introduce early literacy by teaching the children how to spell their names, and implementing the letters of the alphabet into the different centers and activities. As the children move on to the older class, we have a developmentally-appropriate and a multi-sensory approach to teach the students letter formation Letters are taught in a systematic way, starting with the basic lines (such as in the letter L and F), and moving on to more difficult letters. Each student then practices the new letter using various tools including their chalkboards.


We encourage the children to develop self-motivation, active investigational skills through questioning, exploring and observing, and the thinking and problem solving abilities needed to thrive in a world of challenge and competition. Children are surrounded with books, literacy experiences and exposure to the alphabet to prepare them for pre-reading and the reading that follows.


We encourage each child to work and play with others, to develop language communication skills, to respect the rights and privacy of their peers and most of all to develop feelings of kindness, courtesy, helpfulness and acceptance.


Children are provided constant opportunities to develop their gross and fine motor skills, to develop finger strength and dexterity, and arm-eye and body coordination. 


Children are encouraged to develop a positive self-concept, to understand the difference between right and wrong and to develop responsibility.  They are encouraged to recognize that people are different and to be accepting of others and we help them learn and practice appropriate ways to respond to others and to express their feelings constructively.


​Integrating tradition and Jewish Pride:

Our children eagerly anticipate holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, Purim, and Passover and understand how to meaningfully and joyfully participate in each holiday. In addition, each holiday becomes an opportunity for new scientific and cultural experiences and discoveries.  For example, during Chanukah, when it is traditional to light a Menorah in the home, the children learn about fire safety, firefighters and how they help our communities. This pattern follows our curriculum throughout the year and provides the children with experiences that give them pride in their tradition.

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