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Rivka WIneberg

Hi! I’m Rivka Wineberg, director of the City Gan Preschool of LIC😊  

ESTABLISHMENT OF CITY GAN PRESCHOOL After establishing the JCC-Chabad of LIC 17 years ago, my husband and I felt the responsibility & opportunity to provide a school in Long Island City (the best neighborhood😊) with the ideals of Jewish education & ideas that I had been formulating for so long. So here we are today at the Chabad City Gan! A school that is based on my love for what I do, to instill real pride and education in children from a young age so they can gain the tools to become very independent, confident and have a strong sense of self-esteem as they continue to grow.

EDUCATIONAL STANDARD AND DEVELOPMENT More than just a nurturing environment, I strongly believe that even from the early age of 2, (and younger!) children are able & need a well-rounded educational program. We consult with professionals, visit other programs, attend conferences, and most importantly, select loving and dedicated teachers to be sure that our students at City Gan actually grow in all areas including speech, making friendships, communication skills, love, respect, and so much more! We are constantly working to up the educational standards of our school. We have daily and weekly staff meetings to go over the each child’s progress, to review the curriculum, making sure that every activity being presented to the children is developmentally appropriate for each child.

PARENT INVOLVEMENT As a parent of 6 children in the school system, one of my goals as a Mom is to go to each of their classes at least once a year to do something special with their class, aside from being in touch regularly with their teachers about how they’re doing scholastically. It makes them feel so proud and loved, and mainly-they see that I care about their environment that they're living out of the home. Just like my work out of the home is important to me, their environment, which is school, is important to me as well! The results, aside for the emotional happiness part is really a more successful student because when a child is happy emotionally, they can strive in whatever they’re doing in all other areas! Over the course of the year, our school provides many opportunities, and special days for parents to be involved and visit the school and do various activities with all the children.

GOING FORWARD As the Chabad City Gan continues to grow, we strive to keep our school a small, non- institutionalized style preschool. We are a preschool founded on love and warmth and view each child as our own. We continue to enhance our our educational program, and we always welcome parent feedback to ensure the happiness of each child!

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