Parent of Twins: Alana Grimaldi

Prior to City Gan my children did not attend any academic classes and their social interaction consisted of a play date or two a week.

We decided it would be a good time for our kids to start interacting with other children their age and in a classroom setting where they could be in a fun and creative environment while also learning a bit about structure and routine.

 As we started to look around, we attended different open houses and chatted with friends in the neighborhood about their experiences with different centers.

I decided even though we are not a Jewish family, I wanted to see all of the schools available including City Gan.  When I went in for a tour, the school's Director, Rivka greeted us at the door and within minutes was holding my son in her arms as I was walking around with my daughter. She was kind, warm and down to earth and I could tell she really cared about the school, the families who attended it and the overall progress of the kids both emotionally and physically.

I signed up both of my kids for summer camp about a week after I met with Rivka. I felt that my kids would be in a safe and loving environment but also be encouraged to be creative and have fun with both indoor and outdoor play. Each classroom goes outside everyday even if it’s just for a short walk which is something I feel is so important for the kids.

The teachers at City Gan are constantly thinking up fun and imaginary sensory activities and each morning at drop off I get to see my kids excited to explore something new. 

City Gan is always hosting different events and fund raisers and encouraging families within our community to get to know each other. From the marathon viewing party they host to dads with doughnuts, City Gan is always planning an activity for the community to be involved in.

 Since starting City Gan at 18 months for summer camp to the 2's program they are currently enrolled in, my children have become so confident in both their physical and verbal behavior. They love being in a social setting, going to school and seeing their friends and we are happy knowing that they are in a warm and nurturing environment and being very well taken care of.